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For many years, my patients have enjoyed full recoveries from carpal tunnel syndrome. Experience the results, there is simply no need to live with this treatable disorder. Even in the most intractable cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, my acupuncture treatments can comfortably and effectively address this important issue.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is caused by a circulatory obstruction in the muscles, tendons, and sinew of the hand, wrist and forearm. This decreases the microcirculation of blood to the affected regions and promotes inflammation. Typically caused by cumulative trauma (repetitive motion syndrome), carpal tunnel syndrome is often caused by using computers, scissors, cashier stations, keypunch for bookkeeping, manufacturing equipment, and sewing. Pain levels can be severe with electrical shooting sensations and burning accompanied by weakness and numbness of the fingers and hands.

Acupuncture is highly effective in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Acupuncture and electroacupuncture are used to reduce inflammation and to encourage the healing of the nerve fibers. This nourishes the local tendons with proper blood circulation and restores strength to the extremities. Most patients recover completely and return to normal lives without this painful and debilitating condition. 


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Acupuncture and herbal medicine are both ancient and modern. Scientific research confirms the efficacy of this time honored traditional medicine.