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Sleep disorders, Stress, Fatigue



A Soothing Acupuncture Treatment for Anxiety Relief & Better Sleep

Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbs) has successfully treated conditions such as sleep disorders, stress, and fatigue for well over 1,000 years.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the foundation of good health is built upon the free flow of Qi (pronounced: chee).  Qi is life-force energy.  In modern scientific terms, Qi can be measured as neuroelectric impulses.

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When the Qi energy levels are low there is often fatigue, lack of mental clarity, and light sleeping often characterized by waking up at night.  When Qi is stagnant, there is often stress, frustration, and waking up between 1 - 3 am.  For women, this is often accompanied by antedated dysmenorrhea (PMS and menstrual irregularities).  Another disharmony known as Yin Deficiency can lead to difficulty falling asleep, mental restlessness, feeling hot at night, and in some cases night sweating.

Issues such as exhaustion, irritability, depression, headaches, and mood swings are often reversible.  Daily stresses combined with either poor diet or lack of exercise have a cumulative effect and can lead to these conditions.  Other factors such as excess blood loss during child delivery, long-standing pain, chronic use of medications, and overwork can also lead to the depletion of the body’s reserves of energy.  My acupuncture treatments assist in replenishing the body and restoring a feeling of energy and well being.  Patients notice an increase in the health such as a stronger immune system resistant to illness, a feeling of relaxation, and more zest for life.  Ultimately, a refreshing acupuncture treatment is deeply relaxing and is the antidote for severe exhaustion.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are highly successful in addressing sleep disorders, stress, and fatigue.  Patients are pleasantly surprised that acupuncture treatments are very relaxing and comfortable.  Many patients fall asleep because they are deeply relaxed!  My successes in treating these conditions have allowed many people to discontinue the use of medications.  Others benefit from a decrease in mood swings and better quality sleep.  These conditions are readily addressable and acupuncture & herbs can significantly improve the quality of life.  If you or someone you care about suffers from any of the above mentioned disharmonies, simply call my office and schedule a consultation or treatment.  There is no charge for a consultation and this will give you an opportunity to learn more about what you can do to improve your health and well being.

Sleep Disorders

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are effective treatments for intermittent waking throughout the night, difficulty falling asleep, and insomnia characterized by the inability to get a full night’s sleep.  Sleep disorders are caused by several factors including anxiety and overwork leading to exhaustion, congenital deficiencies, indulgent activities, prolonged illness, emotional depression, medications, and irregular food intake.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine help to soothe and replenish the body and therefore restore normal sleeping patterns.

Other issues associated with sleep problems such as irritability, poor memory, mental restlessness, tension & pain, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and digestion disturbances are often involved.  These imbalances are addressed simultaneously as part of the process of eliminating sleep disorders.  If you or your friends and family require better and more refreshing sleep, please come by my clinic so that I can formulate an effective acupuncture and herbal solution for a better night’s sleep.


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