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These are links to for helpful resources. The Web That Has No Weaver is an excellent book that describes Chinese medicine in detail. It will help you to understand Chinese medicine diagnoses and the foundations of acupuncture. The Zen Shiatsu book teaches important Japanese massage techniques. The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen is a touching portrait of a woman discovering the beauty of her ancestry and culture. Within, the book uncovers incredible Chinese recipes. Chinese Dietary Therapy is a clinical manual for eating. The Wonders of Qi Gong is a pictorial landscape of rudimentary Qi Gong movements. Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is an award winning cookbook and well worth taking a look at.

Yes, I have listed heart rate monitors! The idea is to increase your heart rate without getting out of the aerobic fat burning zone when working out.  This is helpful for improveing athletic performance and eliminating disorders such as diabetes and hypertension. The basic formula is 180 minus your age. That is the top heart rate. Subtract 25 from the top heart rate to get the baseline heart rate. (Add 5 to your number if you are in good physical shape. Also, add 5 if you are over 60 or under 20.) When working out, stay between the top heart rate and the baseline heart rate. This is a rough sketch of the computation and specific tweaks apply to individual circumstances. Please feel free to ask me about the optimum calculation for your body.

I do recommend the Sleep Number beds by Select Comfort and the heatlamp is useful for relaxing muscles and cold-related arthritic conditions. I have hinted at organics by including the natural shampoo and conditioner. Remember, often products absorbed through the skin and scalp can more easily pass through the blood-brain barrier than products that are eaten! In other words, toxins in cosmetics and toiletries can very easily be transmitted to the bloodstream and may leak into cerebrospinal fluid.

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My clinic in Capitola celebrates its 18th anniversary at this location.  Capitola Acupuncture is located in Santa Cruz County by the jewel box just a few blocks from the ocean and near the Shadowbrook restaurant on the corner of 49th St. and Capitola Road in beautiful Capitola-by-the-Sea.  Experience relief from pain and the health benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine at my Capitola location.

The Capitola acupuncutre clinic features full service insurance billing.  To learn more about your coverage, call our office or click the following: Santa Cruz Acupuncture of Capitola Insurance Coverage.