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Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation


Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation

Acupuncture has long been effective in the treatment of ptosis (drooping eyelids) and also lifts the eyebrows.  From clinical scenarios wherein eyelids impinge upon the visual to field to cosmetic scenarios wherein the patient would like a brighter look to the face with enhanced clarity to the appearance of the eyes, this is perhaps my favorite effect of acupuncture facial rejuvenation.

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation lifts and tones the skin while decreasing sagging near the eyes, cheeks and at the jawline.  It also helps to reduce jowls.  The skin of the upper neck (over the platisma muscle) often responds to this course of care and this can have a dramatic effect when combined with lifting the skin of the jawline.  Acupuncture facial rejuvenation brings out radiant beauty and improves the evenness of facial color by reducing red blotches.  Modestly, this technique diminishes wrinkles and reduces furrowed brows.

Facial rejuvenation makes us look and feel better.  Acupuncture is holistic medicine and the health of the skin improves with this treatment protocol.  This adds a lustre and a tonal quality reflecting the natural enhancement of the immune system that acupuncture affords.  The treatment is both comfortable and deeply relaxing.

Note: this treatment employs unique micro-acupuncture tools and requires more time than normal acupuncture, so please inquire about the pricing before scheduling this highly specialized procedure.  Typically, patients receive a total of 12 acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatments at 2 times per week for 3 weeks followed by 1-2 times per week thereafter.

Please specify Facial Rejuvenation when making an appointment.

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