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How does acupuncture work?




What we’ve known for a long time:

Acupuncture point stimulation directly sends bioelectric signals to internal organs and body parts to enhance the microcirculation of blood, qi (energy), and bodily fluids. In many cases, this quells excess sympathetic nerve stimulation and enhances parasympathetic nerve impulses. Ultimately, acupuncture has been empirically proven to balance the stimuli of these two branches of the autonomic nervous system to enhance the body’s natural healing powers. Studies prove that acupuncture stimulates branches of the autonomic nervous system to activate secretions from the endocrine system. In plain terms, the endocrine system is our natural pharmaceutical factory in our bodies. Acupuncture creates electrical responses that stimulate the nervous system which in turn stimulates the production of bodily chemicals needed to repair tissue and the internal organs.

What MRI studies proved 20 years ago:

MRI imaging of the brain (PET scan, fMRI) reveals that acupuncture directly stimulates the brain to encourage healing throughout the body. Acupuncture point SJ5, located on the forearmon the forearm, benefits hearing. MRI studies show (as pictured above) that needling this point stimulates the auditory centers of the brain. Likewise, needling an acupuncture point on the toe which benefits vision shows stimulation of brain optic centers in MRI imaging. After numerous MRI studies, it is conclusive that acupuncture regulates brainwave activity to encourage healing within the body.



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My clinic in Capitola celebrates its 18th anniversary at this location.  Capitola Acupuncture is located in Santa Cruz County by the jewel box just a few blocks from the ocean and near the Shadowbrook restaurant on the corner of 49th St. and Capitola Road in beautiful Capitola-by-the-Sea.  Experience relief from pain and the health benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine at my Capitola location.

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